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Fuse boards are considered to be a pivotal part of lighting service. No matter how good your electrical lines are, but without a perfect fuse board, it is hard to regulate the wires and electrical powers like you have wanted. Now, being a mechanical device, this product will work better when used for the first time, but with every passing minute, the working section will deteriorate and you need some promising help from reliable electrician Cobham. If you are facing any problem with your consumer board, wait no further and get in touch with us, at Brooks Electrical.

We are going to work from the scratch till the end, and make the heart of electrical system working fine for you, one again. After going through our service, we would like to provide you with the best electronic board, and control the proficient supply of power. Now, ensure safety of the life and fabric of your building well, after coming in terms with us, without fail.

When you have decided to replace your old, overloaded fuse board with a new one, ensure that you’ve a competent Electrician in Cobham with you.  If you think that you old consumer board is struggling to cope with the power demand of your modern home, look no further than Brooks electrical. We can replace any old style of consumer unit with the latest version.  Our electricians expertly and safely handle the complicated job of replacing fuse board even if it has large number of circuits. Upgrade your fuse box with the safest solution in Cobham! Keep your home safe from the risk of electrical harm!

Installing Some Best Circuits for You

With the help of our service, we would like to install some modern consumer units, in order to incorporate advanced protective layered device. We are ready to install two different types of devices for you, and those two are:

  • Circuit breakers or CBs for any protection of cabling service
  • RCD for protection against any form of electric shock

These breakers are rated in ampere segment, and protect the wiring service of your property from being exposed to excess current amount.Our electrician Cobham will prevent the cables from getting overheated and lead to any form of potential risk, even fatal at some point of time or other. No matter whether you are planning to install fuse board or want to take help of consumer unit, we are happy to help you, from the scratch till the end.

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