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Consumer unit upgrades Richmond


A consumer unit is a component of an electrical power system feeds power to subsidiary circuits. Typically, the consumer unit is the main control centre for the building’s electric supply. Its main function is to distribute power throughout the entire residential property. All the cables and connections in the consumer unit should be tested, prior to the installation process. Consumer units consist of three main parts namely, the main switch, the residual current devices and circuit breakers. Modern consumer units have a built-in timer. Timers allow the homeowner to turn off circuits at set intervals. It is possible to set the timer to feed power to chosen circuits at selected times of the day. Timers will either have a 7 – day or 24 – hour model. 

Using a faulty consumer unit or fuse box can be dangerous and you should therefore regularly upgrade the electrical systems in your home. Electricians are trained to inspect your current systems, carry out installations and insert geysers as well as plugs. This involves contacting a team of electricians to analyse the electrical equipment and wiring in your home. Electricians who have received comprehensive training can install consumer unit upgrades in Richmond. By typing, “consumer unit upgrades Richmond” into a search engine, you will be able to locate electricians in the Richmond area. Consumer unit installation requires extensive work from a team of electricians. 

It is beneficial for homeowners to understand how to use the main switch of the consumer unit. The main switch operates manually and can be used to turn off the electricity supply to the entire residential property. It cannot be set to perform this function automatically.